“This book guides your child on a magical journey of self-discovery into the wisdom of one’s own mind and body – found simply by noticing the sparkling gifts of life all around us and within us.”

Dr. Peter Montminy, Child Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher (A Mindful Village)



“Golden Sparkles is one of the most beautiful children’s books I have ever read. Its simple but powerful message is so needed in a world which is increasingly drowning in technology and stress. By teaching children to be more mindful and tune into their inner wisdom from an early age, we give them skills for life. There are no better gifts than those of self awareness and calm. This book will provide children with both.”

Kate Beddow (Calmer Classrooms)



“Catarina R. Peterson has created a lovely way for both adults and children to pause & practice the sparkling potential of being mindful each and every day.”

Neila Steele (Mindfulness Teacher & Practitioner)



What my teaching colleagues have to say since I began delivering mindfulness sessions to their preschool students:


“I’ve seen a big difference in my students ability to self-manage and in their vocabulary. They often use words like reflect, calm and breathe, in class. I think that the kindness aspect of mindfulness has really exploded in the children’s actions, and this makes me feel happy for them because this is a lifelong special quality!”

Kristina Craig Perkins (Prep 4 Teacher)



“When my students do mindfulness I notice that they are more aware; they think more before acting and there’s a sense of calmness in the classroom. Based on the changes I’ve seen, I will start to incorporate this in our school day every morning to start the day off.”

Che’ te Bey (Prep 4 Teacher)



“I have noticed changes in how my students try to regulate their emotions since they begun having mindfulness sessions. The children are also expressing what they’re learning, for example by saying ‘Stop. Breathe. Reflect’.”

Memory Mashangu, MA (Prep 4 Teacher)


“Mindfulness helps me to be happy because it makes me feel calm in my heart and my brain. When I do mindfulness I close my eyes and breathe in, and out.”

Eliora Obaseki (5 years old)


“I have noticed some positive behaviours in Aydan and knowledge that I did not know she had. She is practicing her ‘self-calm-down technique’ at home, and told me that you did it with the students in class. I was pleasantly surprised! Aydan showed me how to breathe in deeply through her nose, and breath out through her mouth to calm herself when needed. I had a big smile on my face when I first saw her do this as it was mesmerising to watch. She was taking the whole experience very seriously and told me that it was not funny! So, I was happy to follow her lead and practice the technique as well.”

Sevil Aliyeva (Preschool Parent)