Purpose Guide

For years I thought I knew what my purpose in life was. I continuously studied hard thinking that in doing so, it would bring me happiness. I gained many credentials that helped me along my professional teaching career…

However in 2015 when I encountered a health scare that brought me face-to-face with life and death, I was catapulted into a deep hermit period of my life.

Mindfulness meditation and coaching would later reveal to me that to do something and to be something are two separate concepts, and therefore one can have many purposes in life. It’s regrettable that society and cultural norms can condition and contribute to the inhibition of our deepest yearnings, just so we can lead lives that are rooted in other peoples observations of who we are or who we should be.

Your success is determined by others.

Your purpose is determined by you.

On my journey I learned that you can have separate professional and personal purposes or these can symbiotically dance together. My invitation is that you get to decide for yourself rather than have it implicitly primed on to you.

So, my role as a Purpose Guide is to use mindfulness practices to help you explore and develop self-awareness with kindness and compassion. By cultivating attention to the present moment, you’ll learn to act with awareness of your thoughts, emotions and triggers, in a lambent way.

It will be an honour to guide you into a journey of contemplative self-inquiry that can help you reframe your outlook on life, and therefore—your PURPOSE.