Together we walk

Together we suffer

Together we cry.

Together we try without having to know the reasons why. Why?

Because together we love

Together we thrive.

Together we listen, as it is our mission.

So together we trust because we must.

Together we crawl at the speed of life.

Together intertwined we walk with deaf eyes and blindfolded ears,

Through our fears and crystal tears

Together we stay because we must obey the togetherness that binds us together.

No matter the weather, together we will.

~ Catarina R. Peterson


Temporary is the sunrise
Temporary is the sunset
Temporary are the sounds that echo this sonnet

But where shall we find permanence, if that’s all that our mind seeks?
Where can we find the fountain, that will perish this void—null, grand and incomplete?

As my sight meets the endless horizon, where the sea and the sky become one,
I soon learn that in that instant I met her for once
For she abides in concurrence with all that’s fleeting, and in this tragic meeting I welcomed her.
Just as she was.

~ Catarina R. Peterson


Only when you allow yourself to witness the truthfulness of nature,

Will you fully understand the meaning of true freedom where all limits are unbound.

Unframe them;

And you shall encounter suffering no more.

Fear no more.

And when joy knocks at your heart’s door: accept it.

For it has done waiting to be welcomed home.

~ Catarina R. Peterson

Twenty First Century Living
Society’s confined us to boxes,
And now we seek liberty.
Don’t let the impending resistance
Bound you to a lifetime of scanty glee

Spread your graceful wings.
Embrace each night like the stars twinkle away their shimmer;
caress each day like the sunrise greets the Earth every morning

And when you’re ready to allow its light to soak on to your skin, and the tears of rain to wash away your sorrows,
You’ll know that there’s no freedom without trials; night without day; and acquittal destitute of mercy for oneself.

~ Catarina R. Peterson

Fine Line

In silence I honour this pain.

Whilst in the quiet of uncertainty, I can still grasp on to gratitude.

There are no heroes nor heroines in this heart game of life and lifelessness.

It could’ve been goodbye but only time has parted

For certainty is an illusion, but doubt leads to faith.

~ Catarina R. Peterson

The End

The end in near my Dear,

And so is the fear that fogged your sight along your healing Plight.

But you believed now the road would be clear but there you are my Dear,

Contemplating the vagueness of a so called future.

You are looking but you can’t see

There are no endings just humbling beginnings.

So embrace the fear and hold her dear,

For she will steer your clear of that which you might have missed.

And when the end is finally here you will know my Dear,

That it shall set you forth on the path to endless possibilities.

~ Catarina R. Peterson

The story behind the Poet In Me

As a child, I endured a rather turbulent childhood that was fraught with domestic violence, alcoholism and the struggle of what it entails to be brought up in a single-parent household. The only thing that was always present—books. As I watched my mother read every single night, and be taken on journeys that captivated her entirely, my passion for literature was born. I still remember as if it was today, the day I turned 11 years of age, and my joy as my mother offered me a poetry book by Nobel-prize Winner, Portuguese author: José Saramago.

As time went on, I found healing in poetry. I used it as a form of expressing that which I was afraid to say, or simply did not know how to articulate.

Every part of me is a painted stroke of the life lessons I’ve lived; each ’teacher’ I’ve had; each student I’ve cared for; each tree I’ve hugged; each conversation I’ve held; and each word I’ve dabbed on a piece of paper mindfully echoing what my heart needed to say.

Now, as an adult, my wish is that my writing can bring comfort and speak universal truths that are found in the common humanity that comes from our shared lived experiences. May this be true for children, or adults alike.

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My Latest Poems

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