“Listen to your body. It isn’t hard to do. All it takes is a minute, even if you’re feeling blue”.

Golden Sparkles are in every child’s heart, a gift from the universe connecting them to others and to their own feelings. Colourful, energetic artwork by Mateya Arkova, 2017 International Book Awards Winner and 2017 Gold Medal Reader’s Favorite in Children’s Nonfiction, brings to life the adventures of Dahlia, Victor and Bluu as they grow in mindfulness, learning to listen with all of their senses to what their bodies have to tell them each moment of every day.

Through its transporting story and included glossary and exercises, Golden Sparkles offers a brief and beautifully illustrated introduction to key mindfulness concepts such as breathing, being present, and addressing emotions non-judgmentally for children from ages 5 to 10. This accessible book can be shared by a teacher or parent or read by children on their own to discover and practice a valuable tool that helps them respond to challenging emotions and thrive.

Catarina R. Peterson’s educational picture book for children, Golden Sparkles: An Introduction to Mindfulness, is a lush and lovely book that illustrates how one can change one’s state of mind by practicing mindfulness. I loved how the book showed kids from all walks of life and locations, letting kids know that they too can learn mindfulness and feel as good as the kids shown in the pictures. The Golden Spark is a wonderful device that offers kids a concrete way to understand what is an abstract notion — seeing those smiling kids carrying their own golden spark is guaranteed to put a smile on every young reader’s face.

Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite 


With lots of happy feelings, this book offers a way to help children be aware of their own feelings and those of others by remaining mindful … Every page uplifts with its words, concentrating on the happiness and not being afraid of listening to the feelings inside. at the end, there’s a glossary as well as several exercises adults may use to help further mindfulness in children.

Tonja Drecker, Bookworm for Kids


With lyrical words and bold illustrations, this book guides preschoolers on a voyage of self-discovery that invites
discussion with grownups. With a foreword by Vicki Zakrzewski, education director of the Greater Good
Science Center at UC Berkeley, this book is the starting point of a healthy mind.

Laure, Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine


Golden Sparkles taps into the awe and wonder of a child’s experience and gently conveys the methods for maintaining this inherently mindful outlook throughout trials and tribulations of later life. It is a simple analogy used to describe a most profound experience … The language of Golden Sparkles is poetic with a gentle rhyme which flows quite like the breath, gently “in… and out…” making it a delight to read aloud … this gem-of-a book is a “golden sparkle” in itself.

The Mindful Librarian


Catarina Peterson’s “Golden Sparkles: An Introduction to Mindfulness” with illustrations by Mateya Arkova uses a story-like format, complimented by some simple mindfulness exercises that are perfect for parents to try out with their children, or teachers / carers to incorporate into their own early years programmes … The illustrations are really wonderful, and help to give the book that all important story-like quality that we’ve not seen as an approach in other mindfulness titles for younger children.

Read It, Daddy! 


Mateya Arkova

An award winning children’s book illustrator with a background in advertising design, Mateya has worked on more than 50 books published with leading publishing houses in Bulgaria and also with international authors. Mateya uses soft colour pastels to create dynamic and original illustrations, making her characters unique and inspiring.